Different Types of Debt

Though Angel Advance can deal with many debts on your behalf, there are certain types of debts which we will not include within a debt management plan because it would not be ethical, or in your best interests for us to do so.

The reason for this is that certain debts, if unpaid, can carry serious consequences for you such as:

  • The loss of essential goods or services
  • Eviction from, or repossession of your home
  • Bailiff action
  • Court action
  • Arrestment of earnings
  • Prison

The types of debt which can have more serious repercussions are:

  • Mortgage, rent or loans secured on your property
  • Council tax
  • Utilities such as gas and electric
  • Court fines
  • Maintenance payable to an ex-partner or child
  • Income tax or VAT arrears
  • TV licence

There are some other debts which may be considered as a priority depending on your circumstances, for example a hire purchase agreement for a car if the car is essential to you due to a disability or similar situation.

Your priority creditors should be paid before any non-priority debts. Non-priority debts include:

  • Personal (unsecured) loans
  • Credit cards
  • Store cards
  • Catalogues
  • Payday loans
  • Hire purchase (for non-essential goods such as TVs)
  • Overdrafts
  • Loans from family & friends

When we formulate your plan, we will ensure that we leave you with enough money to pay your priority debts before we make any offers to your unsecured creditors.

We will make sure that all of your non-priority creditors are treated fairly and equally which increases the chance of them accepting the proposed repayment offer.