Partial Settlements

If you have recently re-mortgaged and released equity, received a windfall, redundancy payment, or have inherited or been gifted a lump sum, you may be able to use this to try and settle some of your debts.

A partial settlement is a repayment which is less than the total amount of debt owing. Sometimes, depending on circumstances - such as how long it will take to pay your debt off and the amount of your current repayment – your creditors may be prepared to write off a chunk of your balance if you can pay them a lump sum.

This is something that you can arrange with your creditors directly and free of charge, however, we do appreciate that the prospect of contacting your creditors may be daunting for you.

We can negotiate with your creditors on your behalf to see if they will accept a partial settlement of your debt. We will also make the payments to them on your behalf and will take a portion of what we save you (compared with the full balance) as our fee. Please see Frequently Asked Questions – What will you charge?

Please note that if you are subject to a formal debt solution such as bankruptcy or an IVA, you will need to notify the Official Receiver or Insolvency Practitioner of any windfall you receive or which becomes due to you during your arrangement.


  • Once the debt has been partially settled, the creditor will not try to pursue you for the remainder of the debt
  • If the partial settlement offer is accepted you will pay back a lesser amount to your creditor than if you had paid the full balance or continued paying each month until the debt was paid off
  • Settling your debt may improve your chances of getting future credit


  • Your credit file will show that you have partially settled the debt i.e. that you have paid back less than the total amount owing.  This may affect your ability to obtain credit
  • If the debt has already defaulted the default will remain on your credit for 6 years from the date it was registered, even after the debt has been settled
  • Your creditors do not have to accept the partial settlement offer

Frequently Asked Questions

Read some partial settlements frequently asked questions.